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We will let our valued team members express our company philosophy for us.

Philosophy Leuven Group


I often find myself being a cheerleader for Leuven group when I meet new hires. I have worked for poorly managed companies in the past and know firsthand what it felt like to dread going to work. Leuven group has shown me a company can be both demanding and rewarding. I have a very deep appreciation for my job and my bosses. Everyone proves time and time again that the work/life balance with this company is a priority. That is extremely important to me and my family. I can't express enough how grateful I am to this company for understanding that. Leuven group has been nothing but good to me and I strive to give my best back to the company as much as possible.

- A. Martinez, Assistant Property Manager

Leuven Group invests in their employees and their properties. They provide teams with resources to be successful. Their goal is to improve the community for their current and future residents. They offer a hands on approach, bringing with them vast knowledge of the multi-family industry.

- H. Martinez, Property Manager

What makes The Leuven Group profoundly different from other management companies is they genuinely value the time, education and well being of each member of their onsite teams. They do not micromanage or require time consuming and intense reports, rather they offer you support. The Leuven Group allows you to spread your wings and focus on resident relations, maintenance issues and leasing efforts fully. Everything from user friendly software, top of the line office equipment to hilarious employee outings sets them apart. They provide you with the best in class tools possible to produce ideal results while encouraging you to create a fun and rewarding working environment for the onsite team. The top executives will jump down into the trenches with you to help you solve a problem with an expert opinion which simply is priceless. With the Leuven Group you never feel like you're alone and you never feel like you can't reach out for help. Everyone from the home office is fun, approachable and full of energy. They will treat the team to games, meals and actually encourage you to have fun at work - it's refreshing!

-J. Kotzur, Property Manger

I would describe our company as one that values its employees, residents and work life balance. A company that strives to enhance and make improvements to all the communities under the Leuven portfolio. Our communities are unique, modern, stylish places to enjoy life. Management style is composed, caring, knowledgeable, and encourages innovation and camaraderie.

-S. Rocha, Property Manager

I had the choice to stay with a property that I love and know like the back of my hand, or leave with my previous managers who had a job offer in place for me that they knew I wanted and I was ready for ( basically a promotion with a much higher pay) Sounded SO tempting. I was just about ready to take it. I then had the opportunity to meet Caryn and I was blown away by her. I thought.... this can’t be real. Then the new Property Manager David came back to the property to talk to me a day later and I ultimately made the decision to stay at the property. I can attest that my quality of life overall has dramatically improved. This company and the staff they employ have the best interest of its employees at heart. I can say this with the utmost certainty, coming from the company I was with for so long, I just thought the way they treated staff was normal. I can't even begin to say how many times I almost literally walked out on the job. I am glad I didn't do that because now I have the most amazing work environment that allows me to learn and grow. I never once struggle out of bed in the morning because I know this entire team is going to light up my days. I feel like I have the most supportive managers behind me, and the most amazing maintenance supervisor who I can count on to get my residents taken care of. This company values my time, values my family, and allows me the opportunity to be a mother and wife first. I couldn't be happier with my decision to join this company.

- S. Cano, Leasing Manager